OSS Broadnet line of business is in the development of services for CATV operators and utility companies.
Our main products help you build your company system by developing and providing support for network management, monitoring and control applications, software package (OPEN STM series) for CATV operators, and software package (OPEN EMS series) for utility companies.

「For CATV operators」

OPEN ADMIN/STM series is a web application for monitoring and support of  multiple-system operator (MSO) whole infrastructure and subscriber services. It utilises the existing CATV operator DOCSIS facilities.

For utilities」

OPEN EMS series is a software module family which flexibly connects to the northbound BSS to help build the utility company management system.

「Custom software development」

Leveraging our company’s package development, design and planification and our experience from system integration and customization, we develop reliable software which meet customer demand.