Name OSS BroadNet Inc.
President&CEO Eiji Miyazoe
Address 2570 N. First St., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95131
Phone 408-986-1040
Affiliation SCTE
(Head Quarter)
OSS BroadNet Co., Ltd.
5F Shin-Mizonokuchi Bldg, 3-5-7 Hisamoto, 
Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 213-0011 Japan  
Phone +81-44-820-1501
(Nagasaki Branch)
OSS BroadNet Co., Ltd.
1F 6-6 Sumiyoshimachi,
Nagasaki-City, Nagasaki, 852-8154 Japan
Phone +81-95-807-4941

Corporate history

2001.2Patent applied for DOCSIS based CATV network monitoring system.
2001.3Company established in Kawasaki City.
2001.6Headquarter relocated to Kanagawa Science Park. Operation started.
2003.7Patent acquired for CATV network monitoring system (Patent No. 3455728)
Conducted demonstration experiment of the system at ZTV Co., Ltd. (in Mie prefecture)
2004.3Officially released OPEN STM series of CATV transmission line monitoring software products.
2005.5Introduced a large-scale monitoring system applying OPEN STM series for Jupiter Telecom Co., Ltd.
2005.12Headquarter relocated to Shin-Mizonokuchi Building, Hisamoto, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City.
Official release of OPEN STM English version.
2007.3Established OSSBroadNet INC. in San Jose, CA.
2008.3Developed and delivered telemetering system using PLC (Power Line LAN) to former FBIT Communications Co., Ltd.
2012.4Official release of OPEN EMS series, software products for electric power busineeses.
2013.3Introduced a smart metering system applying the OPEN EMS series to Family Net Japan Co., Ltd.
2014.7Concluded a technical support agreement for smart home platform “Intelligent Home” with Its Com Co., Ltd.
2016.1Received an order from Its Com Co., Ltd. to build an IP monitoring system using Zabbix NMS. Continuing to provide operation/maintenance/technical support.
2016.1Jointly developed “TIMS Net PRO” with Kandenko Co., Ltd, an applied product that combines the basic functions of OPEN STM with ISC’s DHCP Open Source software.”
2017.12Opened Nagasaki office. Implemented systemized remote work.
2019.1Started providing “International High Tech Research Service” mainly at Nagasaki office.
2021.3Received an order from Itochu Cable Systems Co., Ltd. to build an HCNA remote monitoring and provisioning system using Zabbix NMS. Continuing to provide operation/maintenance/technical support.
2022.12Jointly developed “BRMS” with Kandenko Co., Ltd., a remote monitoring deterioration prediction system for data centers and radio base stations, mainly for local power companies.


Itochu Cable System (Itochu Trading group)
Netsave (KanDenko group)

FNJ (Tepco group)
Its Communications (Tokyu group)
Himawari Network (Toyota group)
Jupiter Telecom (KDDI group)
Nihon Network Service